Restoring (Saving) Teeth

If the nerve is healthy…

Dental restorations with white filling (bonding)

Dr. Koff chooses to only use tooth-colored materials — no metal or potentially toxic agents like mercury and zinc — to fill teeth. This way, not only will your teeth be restored, but they will also look more natural, and the bonding process potentially strengthens teeth. Fillings are recommended when there is sufficient tooth structure remaining to support them.

Lab-processed inlays and onlays

Both an inlay and an onlay (when replacing one or more cusps) are laboratory-fabricated and cemented into the tooth.


Crowns are recommended when there is insufficient tooth structure left to support a filling. The crown reinforces the tooth.

If the nerve has died…

Root canal therapy (referral), crown build-up, crown

Unfortunately, if a nerve has become infected, the nerve dies and requires a root canal prior to reinforcing and rebuilding a tooth with a crown.